On Fuerteventura, the island where we were when the world pandemic broke out and where we lived for several months, it ended up becoming another home for us.

We are Inês (Portuguese) and Chris (Galician) and since 2016 we left Madrid where we had been for several years and started to live traveling: we have spent a year touring the Asian continent, 8 months in part of Latin America and many months exploring nearby paradises such as the Azores, Madeira or the Canary Islands. It is clear that we love the island life, right?

We carry the essentials in our 11kgs backpacks and laptops that give us sustenance to work as freelancers and get to know the world, Chris from SEO and Inês from Blogger, Copywriter and Social Media. You can find out where in the world we are at any given moment through the page Where are we?

When we are not traveling, we enjoy our beautiful base, Lisbon. The blog started as a “hobby”, where to tell our travels, adventures and give practical information and tips for other curious and travelers, and has been growing and evolving into a much more professional project, where we create complete guides of the places we visit, with everything you need to organize trips on your own.

Our guides are usually very detailed, to make life easier for those who prefer to organize their trips on their own by gathering all the information we collect during our trips in one place.

We both love meeting people around the world and getting to know all kinds of animals in their habitat, in freedom and in a sustainable way. Perhaps for this reason, whenever we are asked about our favorite destination we never know what to answer because they are all special in some way but the Galapagos Islands have earned a special place in our personal ranking. The other destinations we hold in a special place in our hearts are Sri Lanka, Colombia, the Azores Islands and the Alentejo Coast in Portugal.

If you want to get to know us a little better, read on…

Who is Inês?

In our tuk tuk with which we traveled in Sri Lanka for a month.

Inês is Portuguese although if she had to decide what she calls “home”, she would have a hard time choosing between Setúbal (where she was born and her love for the sea), Lisbon (where she started to know herself and where she chose to have her current base) and Madrid (the city that saw her grow up for 11 years and where she needs to go every so often to embrace her chosen family).

Addicted to people, to the world, to people around the world, she loves to engage in conversation wherever she goes. Even underwater, or so say those who have dived with her in paradises of the marine world, a passion she discovered in 2016, the year that changed her life and Chris forever. Those who know her, know that she also loves rhymes, laughs, dances (Emma Goldman already said “If I can’t dance your revolution doesn’t interest me”), inventing words and open minds. She is rarely seen without a necklace around her neck and from every country she visits, she brings one in her backpack: they are beautiful, light and always have a beautiful story behind them. She tells it in her collection“Necklaces of the World“. Sometimes she also likes to give away photos from her Fujifilm instant camera, especially in the most remote corners of the planet, as she tells in FotoRegalos.

She likes to question herself and does not believe in absolute truths, although sometimes debating with her it may seem that she does. A social psychologist by training, her political awareness led her to get a master’s degree in Feminisms back in 2005, when this word did not have the current media prominence and provoked even more strange faces than today. She tries to question her own intersectional privileges and deconstruct, little by little, several of the “isms” she carries inside.

Her travels show her curiosity for learning new words in various languages and dialects, listening to legends, anecdotes and stories of women wherever she goes. From what she has been learning, she has made visible narratives of different women in her travels around the world inher articles in Tourse, the travel website of Diario Público.

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Who is Chris?

Selfie galapagueño

Chris, aka Galego (as he is known among his chosen family), is from Cambados, a town in the Rías Baixas. He is addicted to travel, to the sun, to the sea and to escape from winter, or rather, from the cold.

He is a cook although, as the most organizing soul of Randomtrip, he is more about following recipes than creating them. He loves photography and, in fact, if you notice in the photos of the blog that he does not appear much, it is because he is the one behind the camera, while Inês puts most of the words (and the creative soul). Those who know him know that his surname is good vibes and he never stops thinking about traveling in a certain way: always leaving room for improvisation, for discovery, and for getting lost.

Technology addict and computer engineer by training, he loves everything that has to do with gadgets, internet and new technologies, and he applies it both in his work in SEO and in his personal life; from travel apps to photos, movies to watch, restaurants to try, places to visit and even this blog!

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How was RandomTrip born?

RandomTrip was born out of our passion for the world and for traveling it in a certain way. Apart from trying to travel in a responsible and sustainable way, we prioritize improvisation over planning, the tuktuk over the car, taking more hours getting lost in the details than fulfilling the idealized in a notebook. We like the unforeseen, the unexpected, the sudden, letting ourselves go. We like the “Random”. If a traveler’s indecision arises, we roll our dice that always accompanies us, Dadondevamos and our guide becomes chance. Or rather, luck. That’s how RandomTrip was born.

Felices en Cerro Brujo
Felices at Cerro Brujo, Galapagos

Will you join us?

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