Christian e Inés de RandomTrip en Huacachina (Perú)

We met in Madrid (although neither of us are from there) and we are travelling together since 2013.

Our holiday trips seemed shorter each time we travelled, and our days at the office, on the contrary, longer…. So in 2016 we took the big step: we left our jobs in Madrid and started travelling the world while working online, Chris an SEO and Inês as a Copywriter and Social Media. We took our 60L backpacks and our laptops that allow us to get money and keep us moving. We tell all about our adventures here, with lots of information, travel tips and travel inspiration. When we miss not having to choose where sleep the next night, we go back to our privileged home base: Lisboa.

Who is Inês?

Ines en el Tuk TukInês is Portuguese although she increasingly feels more as a citizen of the World. If you ask her what she calls “home”, she would be divided between Setúbal (the city where she was born and where her love to the sea was also born), Lisbon (where she started to know herself and the chosen city as her current home base) and Madrid (the city that saw her growing during 11 years).

She loves people, she loves the world, and she loves meeting people all over the world. She also loves rhymes, laughing, making up words an necklaces. It´s the only object she brings from each country she visites: a crafted neckless (mainly made by local women). She likes to question herself and does not believe in universal truths, even if it doesn’t look like it sometimes when you debate with her.

She is eager to learn lots of new words, meet new people and listen to stories from empowered women who challenged the norms around the world. She loves to laugh a lot (who doesn’t, right?), to talk a lot (it´s hard for her to be silent even underwater when she is doing one of her favourite things in the world: diving) and to give polaroid pictures in remote places to those who don´t have a picture of themselves, mainly kids to be fair (read more about this in FotoRegalos). She is eager to shed some light into some of her learnings through her travels all over the world. You can read some of her stories, apart from this blog, at Tourse, the travel section of the Spanish newspaper Público, where she writes about women around the world.

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Who is Chris?

Christian en Ella

Christian, aka “Galego” (between family and friends) is from Cambados, a small spanish in Rías Baixas (Galiza). As Inês, Chris loves the sun, the sea, travelling and good food. It’s easy to understand why they like each other, right?

Chris also loves gastronomy (not only tasting, also cooking), photography and good vibes. This can be noticed in the way he likes to travel: with room for improvisation, for discovering, for getting lost. If it is between street food venders, even better.

He loves new technologies, he loves everything that relates to new gadgets, internet, new technologies, and he applies this both on his job and his personal life; from apps for travelling to pictures, films to watch, restaurants to try, places to visit, and even this blog!

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What’s the story behind Randomtrip?

RandomTrip was born with our passion about the World and travelling it in a certain way. Apart from trying to travel in a sustainable and responsible way, we prioritize improvisation over planning, the unexpected over the predicted. We like it “Random”. If we are not sure about the next step, we roll our dice, #Dandondevamos and randomness becomes our travel guide.

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