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Azores islands travel: best island to visit and things to do in the portuguese paradise

We traveled through the entire archipelago of the Azores for 2 months, getting to know its 9 islands, and still it was not enough. We tried to soak up as much as possible of the culture and beauty of each island, we understood how different they are from each other and the idiosyncrasies that make it seem more and more absurd to speak of “the Azores” as one and the same, especially when we were there. They are different loves and together they form a paradise that deserves to be unveiled slowly, without haste and with respect, and if possible from east to west, leaving, in our opinion, the best for last.
In this guide we try to summarize everything to see in each of the nine Azorean islands, with practical recommendations for those who are organizing the trip before arriving (from things to do, accommodations and even restaurants) and useful tips for those who are already setting foot on this paradise in the middle of the Atlantic.