Unforgettable days in wild beaches, enjoying sunsets at the sea and visiting coastal towns where you can enjoy the incredible portuguese gastronomy, is what you can find in this post.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful national parks in Portugal: Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina (the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park). In this guide you will find where are the best beaches on this coast, from north to south, where to sleep and where to eat with specific recommendations and a map so that you can spend a few days so relaxed that you will leave Portugal wanting to come back.

The best beaches in Alentejo and Costa Vicentina

As in Randomtrip we are beach lovers, we went down from the Troia peninsula to Sagres (to the tip of southern Portugal, the São Vicente lighthouse), crossing the Alentejo coast and part of the Algarve coast (Costa Vicentina), searching for the best beaches in Portugal. In this guide we collect them all for you.

If you are a fan of sunsets, we also include some of our favorite places on this coast where to say goodbye to the sun at the sea. They are all on the map and we have called them “Sunset Points”.

You will also come across some “Random-Recommendations” throughout the guide: places that, although they are not beaches, we believe are worth a visit. We promise that all the Random-Recommendations you will come across are short detours of a few kilometers. And, of course, we leave you a few proposals of where to stay and restaurants that we loved where you can taste the delicious Portuguese gastronomy.

If you don’t have many days, these are our favorite beaches:

La playa de Amália en todo su esplendor, de nuestro Top RandomPlayero
Praia da Amália, one of our favorite beaches in Portugal

Map with the best beaches and places in Alentejo and Costa Vicentina

Here you have a map with all the sites divided by categories and colors: beaches, towns, restaurants and accommodation. You can see the legend by clicking on the upper left icon on the map.

Troia, Galé and Melides beaches

It is on the Troia peninsula that the Portuguese Alentejo and its wild beaches begin. To get there you have to cross the Sado river from Setúbal and, although you can also go by road (passing through Alcácer do Sal), we recommend crossing it by ferryboat. The boat ride is less than 20 minutes, between the city of the best grilled fish and the “choco frito” (fried cuttlefish) and the beaches of Troia, and if you are lucky enough you can even see “roazes”, the dolphins of the Sado River, accompanying the ferry. By the way, apart from good gastronomy Setúbal also has incredible beaches, but we will tell you more about that in another post.

La camper Vanpira cruzando el río Sado en ferry desde Setúbal hasta Troia
Crossing the Sado river by ferry, from Setúbal to Troia
El mar en la playa de Troia
The sea at Troia beach

A coast of 200 km of beautiful beaches and cliffs of the Portuguese Atlantic begins here. An extensive sandy area where solitude is possible at any time of the year and a blue and calm sea invites you to take a dip on it. Of course, do not be fooled by the color, you are in Portugal (not in the Caribbean) and the water temperature is usually rather cool.

From the Troia beach, you can see the Serra de Arrábida, which hides beautiful coves with turquoise waters, and that  is only interrupted by a gray industrial stain that disturbs the harmony: the Secil cement factory. Of course, the more you walk away from the point where the ferry boat leaves you, the more you move away from the silhouette of the mountains, the factory and the small crowds of people. When you arrive at the known as “Bico das Lulas” you will already be enjoying the beach in solitude, unless someone arrives by “Water taxi” (that make the same journey) from Setúbal.

La playa de Troia y la silueta de la sierra de Arrábida al fondo
Troia beach and the silhouette of the Arrábida mountain range in the background

Troia is always a good idea and a highly visited destination by Setubal people, who have it just a short boat ride away: many people arrive on the ferry boat without a car or even on the passenger-only boat that makes this journey, known locally as “convencional”. Although the truth is that the rise in ferry boat prices in recent years is increasingly making it more difficult for families to enjoy their favorite beach.

It is also a popular destination for people from other parts of Portugal who choose the beautiful beaches of Troia, or the nearby beaches of Galé and Melides, to spend a few weeks on vacation. The luckier ones bought a house there years ago.

Inês es setubalense. Aquí, feliz, frente al verde de las dunas salvajes de la playa donde pasó muchos veranos frente a la sierra que la vio crecer.
Inês is from Setúbal. Here we can see her, happy, in front of the green and wild dunes of the beach where she spent many summers in front of the mountains that saw her grow.

Comporta, Pego and Carvalhal beaches

Comporta has become more fashionable among locals and foreigners (especially families with more purchasing power) in recent years, but, like Troia, the beach is so large and appealing that it does not prevent either one or the other from repeating destination. The best beaches here are Praia da Comporta, Praja do Carvalhal and Praia do PegoThe latter is one of our favorites. In Praia do Pego is also where Sal restaurant is located, which was considered the best beach restaurant in the World by the readers of Condé Nast magazine. We do not know if it is the best, but we attest that the food is very good and the views are unbeatable, right on the beach. Of course, not suitable for all budgets, it’s a recommended place for a special occasion.

Playa de Tróia, después de cruzar el ferry boat desde Setúbal hacia el Alentejo

Random-Recommendation: If you know a bit about recent Portuguese history, you will know the importance of the song “Grândola Vila Morena” that started the Carnation Revolution of April 25th in 1974, which ended the dictatorship in Portugal and began the process of independence of the Portuguese colonies in Africa. Well, if you make a small detour and head inland, you will find the city of Grândola, the protagonist of the lyrics of that revolutionary song. For this reason, in the city there is a monument to the April Revolution and a mural of the song of «Grândola Vila Morena» and his singer-songwriter, Zeca Afonso (which by the way, was done by the same artist that created the murals by Amália Rodrigues in Brejão, about which we will talk about below, Smile Artist).

Mural de homenaje a la canción "Grândola Vila Morena" y al cantautor Zeca Afonso
Mural honoring the song “Grândola Vila Morena” and the revolutionary singer-songwriter Zeca Afonso
Monumento de homenaje al 25 de Abril de 1974, la Revolución de los Claveles
Monument in honor of April 25th, 1974, the Carnation Revolution, with the music sheet of the song “Grândola Vila Morena”, in Grândola.

São Torpes beach

It is worth taking a dip on the Praia de São Torpes, after Cabo de Sines, because this is where the water is always hot due to the nearby thermoelectric plant .

It is also here that we enter the “Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina” (South West Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park)

Siempre que bajamos hacia el sur paramos para darnos un chapuzón calentito en São Torpes: sabemos que agua más caliente que esta, no la vamos a encontrar en esta costa...
Whenever we drive down to the south we stop for a warm dip in São Torpes: we know that we will not find water hotter than this in this coast…

Samoqueira beach

The Praia da Samoqueira  is highlighted by rock formations that give rise to small coves and turquoise water tone, reminiscent of tropical beaches. Of course, the temperature of the tropical water is cool but it is ideal for cooling off on hot days.

Las bellas formaciones rocosas que le dan la personalidad a la playa de Samouqueira
The beautiful rock formations that give Samoqueira beach its personality

Serro de Águia Beach

The Praia do Serro da Águia is shaped like a shell and will also delight beach lovers.

The probability that you will find it this empty is high because it doesn’t have lifeguards (which inhibits some people to visit it):

Beaches of Salto and Cerca Nova

If you want to practice nudism, the cove of Praia do Salto is highly recommended:

Right next to it you will find Praia da Cerca Nova:

Porto Covo and Praia Grande

In our opinion, peaceful Porto Covo is one of the most beautiful towns on the Alentejo coast. It is a small coastal town, in less than an hour you can visit it entirely but its white houses, the quiet atmosphere of its small square on summer nights where you can enjoy a grilled fish on a terrace (for example here) and its slow pace make it an option to sleep, increasingly sought after by many travelers.

Em Porto Covo las horas pasan a cámara lenta

In Porto Covo the hours pass in slow motion

Right here is Praia Grande, a beach dotted with rocks highly sought after by surfers. PS: you have a beach bar to drink an «imperial» after taking a dip.

Praia Grande en Porto Covo
The impressive Praia Grande in Porto Covo.

Ilha do Pessegueiro beach

The literal translation of the name of this beach would be “Peach Island” beach. Although the beach is not really in the island that gives it its name, but in front of it. On this island, by the way, there are traces of a very old occupation. If you like scuba diving, in summer some boats take you to Ilha do Pessegueiro to explore the seabed around the islet.

La isla de Pessegueiro desde la playa

Pessegueiro island from the beach

If you are portuguese, it is difficult to reach Ilha do Pessegueiro Beach and not start singing the song “Porto Covo” by Rui Veloso” immediately. “Havia um pessegueiro na ilha, planted by um Vizir de Odemira …”. If you are not from Portugal, it is worth listening to it when you arrive as it is a mythical portuguese song that speaks precisely of this place.

La playa de Ilha do Pessegueiro
Ilha do Pessegueiro beach
La playa de Ilha do Pessegueiro al atardecer
Ilha do Pessegueiro at sunset

Malhão Beach

At Praia do Malhão you will never have to worry about whether you will have room for your towel, even in the busy summer months. Despite being one of the best known beaches in the busy “Milfontes” area (we will talk about that in the next point) it is so large that there will always be a space for you or some surfer who is attracted to the waves of that sea.

Esta semana la ducha mañanera era de agua salada. Aquí, recién despertados llegando al primer chapuzón del día, en playa de Malhão

Arriving to Praia do Malhão in the morning

Playa de Malhão desde arriba
Praia do Malhão from above

Vilanova de Milfontes and Furnas Beach

“Milfontes”, as it is locally known, is one of the most popular towns on this coast and, although it is not the most interesting one in our opinion, it deserves a visit, especially if it is a gastronomic one. We explain it better in the where to eat section.

¡Adiós Vila Nova de Milfontes!
Vila Nova de Milfontes

Here, the most known beach is Praia das Furnas, where apart from a few dips, you can learn to surf. Book your surf course in Milfontes here .

If you have a car that allows it (with wheels that won’t let you get stuck) there is a set of wild beaches next door called “Vizinhas das Furnas” (neighbors of the Furnas), perfect for taking a walk.

La playa de Furnas donde dormimos esta noche
Praia das Furnas

Foz dos Ouriços Beach and Brejo Largo Beach

We discovered this beach unintentionally and what a surprise. Our goal was to go to the Praia do Brejo Largo, another pearl of this coast, but the rains that fell the previous day made the road that Google Maps sent us through muddy and it looked as if our car would get stuck, so after trying another path, we stumbled upon this wonder: Praia da Foz dos Ouriços.

Después de aparcar, hay que caminar un rato para llegar a Foz dos Ouriços
After parking, you have to walk for a while to reach Foz dos Ouriços

The Praia da Foz dos Ouriços is beautiful, wild and above all, at least in our case, it was empty. Here we ate pistachios, we practiced nudism and we were very happy. It is near one the best known beaches in this area, Praia do Almograve .

La única compañía que teníamos en la playa Foz dos Ouriços era la de las gaviotas
Seagulls were the only company we had at Foz dos Ouriços

Cavaleiro Beach and Cabo Sardão

Although when we arrived at Praia do Cavaleiro it started to get cloudy and even rained a bit, that did not affected a bit to its beauty, it only increased our desire to return here with better weather. This will be one of the most beautiful and photogenic coves on this coast and the last one before reaching the Cabo Sardão lighthouse.

As it doesn’t have a lifeguard, the probability of meeting someone around here is also more limited and if the water has this color even on a cloudy day, imagine on a sunny one!

Impresionante la playa de Cavaleiro incluso con lluvia... Habrá que volver con sol
Cavaleiro beach is impressive even with a few drops of rain.

Random-Recommendation: After enjoying Praia do Cavaleiro, visiting the Cabo Sardão lighthouse to see the sunset on the sea is a must. Although we were not very lucky that day because of the weather, it is a plan that we will repeat soon.

El faro de Cabo Sardão. Curiosidad: este faro tiene la puerta hacia al mar, al contrario de los demás faros (se dice que fue mala comunicación entre constructores y ingenieros...)
The lighthouse of Cabo Sardão. Interesting fact: this lighthouse has the door facing the sea, unlike most lighthouses (it is said that it was due to poor communication between builders and engineers …)
Caminando hacia el mirador de Cabo Sardão para disfrutar de la puesta de sol en el acantilado. Pero la verdad es que la puesta de sol fue más bien nula, las nubes ganaron...
Walking to the Cabo Sardão viewpoint to enjoy the sunset on the cliff. But the truth is that we could barely sea the sun, as the clouds won …

Tonel Beach

Praia do Tonel is a super nice beach. The access to this beach has a problem that implies adrenaline for those who do not like adventure: the descent. To bathe in this beautiful cove you have to go down the cliff with the help of a rope that someone kindly put there. So if you are traveling with children, people with functional diversity or you simply don’t want to do it, you can see it from above.

Lo bueno se hace esperar o, en este caso, bajar. La recompensa para la gente más valiente: playa de Tonel
The reward for the bravest people: Praia do Tonel

We also saw, from above, kind of some natural pools next to the beach. The landscapes are impressive.

Formaciones rocosas y el mar bravo cerca de Playa de Tonel
Rock formations and rough sea near Praia de Tonel

Zambujeira do Mar

If Porto Covo is, in our opinion, the most beautiful town, Zambujeira do Mar is the one we usually choose to use as a base and stay. It competes in beauty with the first but it is less touristy (although in recent years it has been difficult to find available accommodation, especially in the busiest summer months), more authentic .

As an image is worth a thousand words, here you have two of the beach at Zambujeira do Mar. If you stay in this charming town, this is the beach you can reach simply walking:

La playa de Zambujeira de Mar es igual que el pueblo: bellísima
Zambujeira de Mar beach is like the town itself: beautiful
La capilla de "Nossa Senhora do Mar" frente al acantilado de la playa de Zambujeira do Mar
The Nossa Senhora do Mar chapel facing the cliff of the Zambujeira do Mar beach

Next to the beach of Zambujeira do Mar (the first one if you continue to the south) is the nudist beach Praia de Alteirinhos, ideal not only for those who practice naturism but also sought after by families on windy days.

Another highly recommended beacg around there is  Praia do Carvalhal (not to be confused with Praia do Carvalhal near Comporta), larger and also between cliffs. It has a beach bar where you can try some good “morangoskas”, a cocktail with strawberries and vodka.

Amália Beach

Getting to Praia da Amália is not easy if you have never been there. Parking does not have a sign (the parking area is really just a path) but don’t worry, we leave you all the exact points on the map that we included at the beginning of this post. It is not easy to get there, but what is hidden at the end of the beautiful trail makes up for it: Praia da Amália.

Inicio del sendero para llegar a la Playa de Amália
Start of the trail to reach Praia da Amália
Sendero florido hacia Playa de Amália
Flowery path to Praia da Amália

After walking for about 10 minutes you will start listening to the waves and discover the incredible Praia da Amalia.

Huge and mostly empty when we were there in September (6 people on the entire beach), it instantly earned a spot on our Top RandomBeaches:

La increíble playa de Amália entró directamente para nuestro top. ¡Ojo! Cuando la marea está alta, la playa se queda mucho más pequeña. Nosotrxs tuvimos suerte.
The incredible Praia da Amália entered directly for our list of best beaches. When the tide is high, the beach becomes much smaller. We were lucky and arrived just at low tide.

Praia da Amalia has this name precisely because the most famous Portuguese fadista, Amália Rodrigues, spent great seasons here when she needed to escape from the world. In fact, you can stay in the house where she stayed, with private access to this incredible beach. The place is called Herdade Amália, it is very well decorated and has a swimming pool overlooking this beach. We also recommend it, along with other suggestions for accommodation, in the Where to Sleep section.

Una playa inmensa (casi) para nosotrxs solxs. Qué lujazo...
A huge beach (almost) only for us. What a treat!

Random-Recommendation near Amália Beach: if you like streetart, be sure to make a stop at the town of Brejão. It is worth it because of the murals that the artist Smile Artist dedicated to the fadista Amália Rodrigues. Apparently, these colorful murals whose yellow stands out on the road are a tribute from the town of Brejão to the fadista since, as we just explained, she came here several times throughout his life.

Murales de Smile Artist dedicados a Amália Rodrigues, en Brejão.
Smile Artist murals dedicated to Amália Rodrigues, in Brejão.


In Odeceixe, the beautiful white town with a photogenic mill, we leave the Alentejo region and enter in the Algarve region .

Odeceixe, uno de los pueblos más bonitos de la costa vicentina
Odeceixe, one of the most beautiful towns on Costa Vicentina

Praia de Odeceixe has a singularity: you can choose to bathe in fresh or salt water, since it is located at the mouth of the Ribeira de Seixe (where by the way you can enjoy a boat trip)

During low tide, the small lagoons that are formed are a delight for kids who love to splash around.

Ribera de Seixe, en Odeceixe
Ribeira de Seixe, in Odeceixe

If you prefer sea and salt water, this wonder is what you will find. So “wonderful” that the viewpoing was named precisely that: “Maravilha viewpoint” (Wonderful viewpoint)

La playa de Odeceixe a primera hora de una mañana en Septiembre
Odeceixe beach first early in the morning in September

Adegas Beach

If you want to practice naturism, you should know that  Praia das Adegas is really close to the previous beach, one of the six official naturist beaches in the country. This beach, in addition, is also on our Top RandomBeaches.

Bajando hacia la playa nudista Adegas. Hasta aquí os enseñamos...
Going down to the nudist beach of Adegas.
Hasta aquí te podemos enseñar...
Praia das Adegas, in September

Vale dos Homens beach

Praia do Vale dos Homens, apart from being one of the most beautiful beaches on this coast, gave us the best sunset in our last week of holidays in the area. The tones of the sky are difficult to describe but we tried to capture them in a picture, although it doesn’t do justice to what we saw.

Atardecer en la playa Vale dos Homens, sin filtros
Sunset at Vale dos Homens beach, no filters

Carriagem Beach

Near Vale dos Homens and Aljezur, you will also find Praia da Carriagem, another beach that entered in in our Top RandomBeaches. It is a few kilometers away from Rogil, a town you will pass through and where you can buy a beer or a snack since it will be the last place where you can do it before entering the wild nature.

Llegando a unas de las más bellas playas de Portugal: Carreagem
Arriving at one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal: Carriagem

As you go down the wooden stairs, the geological formations and the infinity of the sea, are revealed. For lovers of the marine world, it should be noted that in the small natural pools that are formed (you have to visit this beach at low tide to appreciate all its beauty) you can find a lot of marine life, like octopuses, anemones, crabs and different kinds of fish.

It is not an idyllic beach with a large sandy area where lots of towels can be placed, and it of course doesn’t have lifeguards, as here the beauty is another, it is a wild beauty where time stands still and mobile coverage is non-existent. It is a beach for those seeking to be at peace with nature and, at best, with a book.


Monte Clérigo beach and Amoreira beach

When you arrive at the Praia do Monte Clérigo you will be entering the surf area of this coast because both in this and the following beaches that we will talk about, the constant is one and floods everything else: surfing .

La aldea de pescadores de Monte Clérigo: ¿bellísima, verdad?
The fishing village of Monte Clérigo: beautiful, right?

What you will find mostly here are beginner’s surfboards at the sea and surf schools on land, although it is also an area sought by some families that choose to spend the summer here.

Frente a la playa de Monte Clérigo, donde pernoctamos la segunda noche.
In front of the Praia do Monte Clérigo.

Nearby you also have Praia da Amoreira.

Arrifana Beach

We have just told you that you are entering the surfer area, and here is one the surfer’s paradise: Praia de Arrifana

It is a well-known beach, as we say, in the surfing world, but not only. It is so beautiful that also people who just want to enjoy the sun and take a dip also visit it, and, while drying, contemplate the beauty of surfing .

In order to get to Praia da Arrifama, you need to walk down a few meters, always with amazing views. There are several houses on the way down, you can even rent some of them! [REVISAR INCLUIR ANCLA]
Arrifana: paraíso surfero

Amado beach

Praia do Amado, another famous beach for surf lovers. When we went in September, there were lots of people, more than we expected, especially compared to the other beaches we mentioned in this guide. Around here there are a few surf schools and a couple of beach bars where you can have a beer or eat a “bifana” (a famous portuguese sandwich with pork meat and mustard).

Playa de Amado a la izquierda: zona surfera
Praia do Amado on the left: surf area

To the right of the same beach we find a totally different panorama: a beach where bathers predominate instead of surfers, with reddish cliffs and calm sea.

Playa de Amado a la derecha: zona bañista
Praia do Amado on the right: bathing area

Murração Beach

The access to get to Praia da Murração  is a little more complicated because it is an unpaved road with a lot of bumps, you have to drive slowly, and there is also not much parking space; we imagine that in the busiest summer months it has to be difficult to park around here but since we went out of season, we could park very near to the beach. When you get there you will a find an amazing beach that also is included in our Top RandomBeaches.

With no lifeguards, Praia da Murração is located in a small valley, surrounded by cliffs with abundant vegetation, which is not so common. It is usually deserted and, at least in September when we were there, we shared it with 4 other people.

Playa de Murração
Praia da Murração

Barriga Beach and Castelejo Beach

On Praia da Barriga, more popular than the previous one, there is not much space to park so it is best to leave the car up in the road, before going all the way down to the beach.

La playa de Barriga
Barriga beach

At low tide, it is possible to take a long walk (if you like to walk on the beach) to another beautiful beach: Praia do Castelejo, with stunning beauty. You just have to head south, passing the Praia da Cordoama

Intenta ir a la playa de Barriga en marea baja para llegar caminando hasta la bella playa de Castelejo
Try to go to Praia da Barriga at low tide to be able to walk to the beautiful Praia do Castelejo

Just as in Murração, the beauty of its rock formations impresses, it also has no lifeguards and naturism is allowed.

Chris descansando en las dunas con vegetación en Playa de Barriga
Chris resting in the greenery dunes at Playa de Barriga

Random-Recommendation inland: make a stop at the charming town of Vila do Bispo and its beautiful shop Cerâmica Paraíso, because it is truly an authentic paradise of ceramics. This ceramics factory / shop run by women is perfect to get closer to this type of art from the region and carry a souvenir of the trip: we did not resist and bought a pair of sardines to hang at home.

La fábrica y tienda de cerámica algarvia regentada por mujeres "Cerámica Paraíso": el paraíso de la cerámica, en Vila do Bispo
The Algarvian ceramic factory and shop run by women «Cerámica Paraíso»: the paradise of ceramics, in Vila do Bispo

And this area deserves another RandomRecommendation: the white town of PedralvaThis village with traditional houses in the Algarve, upon entering a desertification process, was rebuilt trying to faithfully reproduce the rural environment of the town years ago. A curious place as well as a quiet one for those who want to fill the day with something beyond the sun and the sea.

Ponta Ruiva

This beach is called “Ponta Ruiva” (Ruiva =  redhead) precisely because of the color of the rock at its southern end:

La roca "ruiva" de punta "ruiva"
The “Ruiva” (redhead) rock

Despite being a beach highly sought after by surf lovers, you can also find people who love bathing and, being already in Algarve (more touristy than Alentejo) and due to its proximity to Sagres, some curious tourists who comes to take some pictures.

La playa de Ponta Ruiva, Vila do Bispo
Ponta Ruiva beach, Vila do Bispo

Sagres and Cabo de San Vicente

Although Sagres is not included in the most typical tourist route through Algarve of the majority of travelers (that route usually includes Albufeira, Vilamoura, Lagos or Portimão), it is on the world map for surf lovers. This small white town whipped by the wind and the sea hides incredible beaches around it (such as the beaches of Beliche, Martinhal, Mareta and Tonel ) and still allows you to enjoy the Portuguese essence not (yet) corrupted by mass tourism.

This last point of the guide is not beach related and belongs more to the category of Random-Recommendations, but it’s an essential point for us: to reach the southernmost tip of Portugal and one of the westernmost points in Europe: Cabo San Vicente and its lighthouse, in Sagres.

Chris en "RandomSunset Beer O'Clock" con el faro en el acantilado del cabo de São Vicente
We suggest you to buy a beer before reaching the lighthouse, to enjoy the show (when you leave, take all rubbish with tyou). Here, Chris with a beer in the golden hour

Seeing the sun saying goodbye in the Atlantic between austere cliffs that surround the lighthouse is not a secret plan; you will find many people who have had the same idea as you.

No fuimos las únicas personas con la idea de despedir el sol en la punta más al sur de Portugal, no... Cabo de São Vicente, Sagres
We were not the only people with the idea of ​​saying goodbye to the sun at the southernmost tip of Portugal

Beyond beaches: hiking on the “Rota Vicentina”

Throughout the coast and upon reaching some beaches you will see some wooden signs with different colors marked: they are signs to indicate the different hiking routes along Costa Vicentina.

There are more than 700 km of routes, most of them with the best possible company: the sea. So if you like hiking, don’t hesitate. Learn more about the different hiking routes here

One of the wooden signs giving directions on the different hiking routes. We saw this one near the Foz dos Ouriços beach

Where to stay in Alentejo and Costa Vicentina

We offer you a selection of the best towns to stay near these Alentejo beaches and Costa Vicentina. We have organized them from north to south of the coast, so you can check which area is best for you depending on the beaches you want to visit. We have included cheaper options and others that are for special occasions.

Where to stay in Troia

The best way to get to the Troia peninsula is by crossing the Sado River on the Ferry Boat from Setúbal (you can take the car on the Ferry), although it can also be reached by road. When you arrive, a coast of more than 200 km of beautiful beaches and cliffs starts.

  • Aroeira Apartament, 1 bedroom apartment 200 meters away from Troia beach
  • Troia MaisMais, apartment with 1 bedroom and balcony 550 meters away from Bico das Lulas, the most remote area of ​​Troia beach
  • Soltroia Beachouse, 2-room apartment in the Soltroia urbanization, with access to a more restricted beach and, therefore, with fewer people.
  • Troia Residences (115€ / night for two people): one of the most exclusive accommodations on the entire Alentejo coastline where the dream of living barefoot for a week is possible: the wooden walkways connect the apartments with the beach. If you want a pool instead of the sea, wish granted ;)
Soltroia Beach House
Soltroia Beach House
Piscina del Troia Residences, con vistas al mar
Troia Residences‘s pool, with a sea view

Find more options for staying in Troia here

Where to stay in Comporta

The Comporta area has become very fashionable in recent years because its location is a true wild paradise  An extensive sandy area that joins several beaches where being alone in the middle of August is possible. Of the three beaches: Comporta, Pego and Carvalhal, we prefer the last two ones.

  • Flow Rooms, double rooms 15 minutes walk from Carvalhal Beach
  • Aldeamento Turistico Casas da Comporta : apartments 5 minutes by car from Comporta beach
  • Cabana da Comporta (from 80€ / night): cottage for 2 or 4 people in the town of Comporta, 2 km away from the beautiful Comporta beach
  • Casa da Âncora, 3-bedroom house with patio and bbq, 1 km away from Comporta beach
  • Comporta House (400€ for 8 people: 50€ / person approx.): about 3km away from the beach and in the heart of tranquility
  • Sublime Comporta Country Retreat & SPA: a hotel for a treat in the middle of the wild Alentejo nature and less than 10 km away from the white sand beaches of Comporta, Carvalhal and Pego
Cabana da Comporta
Cabana da Comporta. Book it here
La tranquilidad de Comporta
A calm place, Comporta House. Book it here

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Where to stay in Porto Covo

One of the most beautiful towns on the entire Alentejo coast (if not the most): Porto Covo.

  • Camping, both in Porto Covo and near the Ilha do Pessegueiro beach. Both offer studios and bungalows although if you are several people we would not hesitate to choose the bungalow with sea views at the Ilha do Pessegueiro campsite
  • Ahoy Porto Covo Hostel with double or shared rooms 100 meters away from the beach
  • Campos 1 Apartments, one bedroom apartments with terrace, in the center of town
  • Casa do Mar, house with 3 bedrooms 150 meters from Banho Beach
  • O Lugar (from 80€ / night). If you are looking for a place with a balcony and sea views in the heart of Porto Covo, look no further. A short walk from the best restaurants in Porto Covo and the beaches, it is a true refuge where time stands still and which you will not want to leave
O Lugar en Porto Covo
O Lugar in Porto Covo. Book it here
Casa do Mar, Porto Covo
Casa do Mar, Porto Covo. Book it here

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Where to stay in Vila Nova de Milfontes

This is the area with the most offer of accommodations on the entire Alentejo coast. Although Vila Nova de Milfontes is not, in our opinion, the most interesting or the most beautiful town on the coast, it is true that in its surroundings the beaches are incredible and there are accommodations not found elsewhere, from the most luxurious to the cheapest. It is not easy to choose but here we leave you some of them:

  • Get Lost In Milfontes Hostel, double or shared rooms at the entrance to the town. It has an outdoor patio where you can end the day with a beer
  • Soldavila, rooms in the center of Vila Nova de Milfontes, 300 meters away from the beach. Has an outdoor patio and bike rental service
  • Dunamar apartments, studios and beachfront apartments
  • AL Delmiro By Alojamentos Vitinho, 2 bedroom apartment with balcony with barbecue
  • Naturarte Rio (from 125€ / night with breakfast). It will be one of the most incredible places to sleep on the entire coast, you just have to see the infinity pool with its views . Of course, for the quality and fame it has, it is quite popular, so if you want to stay there, it is advisable to book well in advance
Naturarte Rio en Vila Nova de Milfontes
Naturarte Rio in Vila Nova de Milfontes. Book it here
Herdade do Amarelo Nature & Spa, Vila Nova de Milfontes
Herdade do Amarelo Nature & Spa, Vila Nova de Milfontes.Book it here

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Where to stay in Zambujeira do Mar

The town to which we have the most affection of all the coastal towns and where we always return. Here are a few accommodations, as always, of all price ranges:

Ventana del apartamento Sto Estevão a la bella playa de Zambujeira do Mar
Views from the apparment Sto Estevão to the beach, in Zambujeira do Mar. Book it here
  • Herdade do Touril . On the route that we made in a camper along the Alentejo coast and that we wrote about in this post , we chose this beautiful “Herdade” to treat ourselves for one night. This charming and recently renovated “herdade” is close to the town of Zambujeira do Mar (one of our favorites on the coast) and the wild cliffs of Tonel beach.

It is an “herdade” from 1826, fully restored and decorated with care, it is incredible and it is one of the most beautiful places where we have stayed together. They showed us the whole place upon arrival and after that we were taken to our room, right in front of the pool overlooking the sea. We took advantage of the fact that it was a little hot again with the sky clear and without hesitation, we jumped in the pool, filled with salt water at 27º . Those of you who know the Portuguese coast know that the Atlantic on a good day offers temperatures of 22º maximum, ranging between 18º and 20º… so imagine the pleasure.

La piscina de la finca con vistas al mar con agua a 27º
The pool of Herdade do Touril has salt water at 27º 

We took a shower in our wonderful bathroom in the room and we had a wine right there, watching the rain fall.

Nuestra habitación, desde fuera. Puedes verla por dentro (y más detalles de nuestra experiencia en la finca en Donde Dormir)
Our room, from outside
Nuestra habitación que daba a la piscina y al mar
Our room from the inside, with sea and pool views. Book it here
Uno de los salones donde relajarse en Herdade do Touril
One of the common areas where you can relax at Herdade do Touril
El desayuno buffet hasta las 12h30 de Herdade do Touril
The buffed breakfast, open until 12h30 at Herdade do Touril
  • Herdade Amália : Another option to treat yourself is to stay in a house with lots of history: the one that was the refuge of the most famous fadista in Portugal, Amália Rodrigues, when she needed to escape from the world. In addition, you have access to one of the most beautiful beaches (sheltered from the wind by the cliffs) on the entire coast: the homonymous Praia da Amália.
La piscina de la Herdade Amália con acceso a la playa de Amália
The pool at Herdade Amália, with a direct private access to Praia da Amália. Book it here

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Where to stay in Odeceixe

The beautiful white town of Odeceixe, like Porto Covo and Zambujeira do Mar, is in the Top3 of the most beautiful towns on this coast.

  • Residencia do Parque: simple and cheap rooms in the center of Odeceixe
  • Horta do Vale: double or shared rooms, with garden and terrace
  • Pedra dos Corvos Beach House: apartment with a very beautiful decoration a few steps from Odeceixe beach
  • Ponta Branca Beach House: houses with two bedrooms and views of the Ribeira de Seixe
  • Casa Blanca, a renovated house according to the traditional Algarve aesthetics. It has a patio and two bedrooms
  • Monte Cardal (from 80€ / night) is a small hotel with 6 rooms and 3 apartments in a privileged environment, ideal both to disconnect in a rural area and to explore the beautiful beaches of Costa Vicentina. Breakfast is 5 stars. It is a 5-minute drive from Odeceixe.
Casa Blanca. Foto de Booking
Casa Blanca. Picture from Booking
Ponta Branca Beach House. Foto de Booking
Ponta Branca Beach House. Picture from Booking.
Monte Cardal, Odeceixe
Monte Cardal, Odeceixe. Picture from Booking. Book it here

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Where to stay in Aljezur

With the castle controlling everything from above, Alzejur is the perfect base for exploring the southernmost wild beaches, with a variety of accommodation nearby and some good restaurants in town. Of course, most travelers who want to stay here have something in mind: surfing .

  • Mayla Surf House: private or shared rooms. Includes pool, solarium and barbecue area
  • Carpe Diem Aljezur: double or family rooms in the new part of Aljezur but close to the old town
  • Casa do Sapateiro: house with views of the city and about 400 meters away from the Aljezur castle
  • Casa da Pedra: about 300 meters away from the Aljezur castle, has a patio and offers river views from its balcony
Casa do Sapateiro. Foto de Booking
Casa do Sapateiro. Picture from Booking
  • Guest Apartment Espartal: 2 bedroom apartment with terrace, 12 minutes walk from Monte Clérigo beach, less than 1 km from Amoreira beach and with the beautiful Carriagem beach at 2.3 km
  • Lucas House 2 – Seabreeze apartment: on the beachfront of Monte Clérigo, with barbecue area and terrace
  • Casa César: 200 meters (with views of course) from one of the most famous beaches in the surfing world: Arrifana. It is a small fisherman’s house in front of the Arrifana beach, totally remodeled where the first thing you will hear and see when you wake up is clear: the waves of the Atlantic.
Casa César, una casa de pescadores remodelada frente al paraíso surfero de playa de Arrifana
Casa César, a fisherman’s house remodeled, in front of a surfer’s paradise: Praia da Arrifana. Book it here.

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Where to stay in Sagres

Here are our suggestions of where to stay in the southernmost white town of Portugal: Sagres.

  • Orbitur Sagres: This camping in Sagres offers bungalows to sleep.
  • PuraVida Divehouse, a studio or shared rooms 5 minutes walk from the beaches of Martinhal and Mareta
  • Blacksheep Sagres: private or shared rooms less than 1 km away from Tonel beach (not to be confused with Tonel beach near Zambujeira do Mar)
  • Casa Grilo: double rooms, some with terrace and sea views in Sagres, close to restaurants
  • Memmo Baleeira – Design Hotels, for a treat, outdoor pool with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and rooms with private balcony.
Memmo Baleeira - Design Hotels. Foto de Booking
Memmo Baleeira – Design Hotels. Picture from Booking

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Where to eat in Alentejo and Costa Vicentina

In this section we have compiled the restaurants we know and we recommend you, from north to south of the coast:


  • Carvalhal Beach: O Dinis dos Pescadores restaurant, very good quality at a relatively good price. We cover amêijoas à bulhão pato (clams in coriander and garlic sauce), salada de polvo (cold octopus salad), Alentejo bread, olives and cheese, with 3 imperiais (beers) and 2 coffees for 44€ total, on the very beach of Carvalhal
Amêijoas à bulhão pato y dos imperiais en el restaurante Dinis dos Pescadores, en plena playa de Carvalhal
“Amêijoas à bulhão pato” and two “imperiais” (beers) at Dinis dos Pescadores restaurant, at Praia do Carvalhal
  • Pego BeachSal restaurant, grilled fish and typical portuguese gastronomy right on the beach. A bit expensive compared to other restaurants in Alentejo but very good. It was considered the best beach restaurant in the world


  • Bom Remédio Restaurant: apart from being right in the historic center of Sines with a very pleasant terrace, it always has tasty “pratos do dia” (daily menu) and cakes that satisfy even the most demanding sweet tastes .

Porto Covo

  • For breakfast / snack, typical Portuguese pastries or fresh croissants: O Marquês, in Porto Covo square
  • Zé Inácio Restaurant, better to book in advance or go early as it is the most famous restaurant in town and the only one that is open all year round. From the “arroz de marisco” (seafood rice) to meats, whatever you order, you cannot go wrong. Big portions, we paid 21€ in total with a dish for two, with wine and a shot of homemade brandy as a gift.
  • Tasca do Chico: grilled fish overlooking the sea. Grilled cuttlefish and sargo, with house wine and coffees for 47€ with the breaking of the waves higher than the bossa nova of the restaurant’s soundtrack. Of course, ask for a table outside ;)
Sargo a la brasa con guarnición en Tasca do Chico
Grilled Sargo at Tasca do Chico

Vila Nova de Milfontes

  • Tasca do Celso Restaurant: the most famous one in Milfontes. Better to book, we improvised and it was full
  • Pátio Alentejano Restaurant: typical gastronomy of the region, welcoming, big portions and a good price. We had choco frito (fried cuttlefish) and carne de porco à alentejana (typical dish of pork with clams and fries), all very good, with couvert, house wine and water for 29€ total
Carne de porco à alentejana, un plato tradicional de esta zona de Portugal
“Carne de porco à alentejana”, a tradicional dish of this area of Portugal
Pan y vino, ambos alentejanos, en el Pátio Alentejano
Bread and wine, both from Alentejo, at Pátio Alentejano


  • La Sosta restaurant / cafeteria: homemade Italian food (they make the pastries themselves) and ideal for snacks: we stop for coffee (great espresso, freshly ground coffee) and the best chocolate cake on the coast, we risk saying (judge for the picture). They also prepare food for you to take away to the beach!
LA torta de chocolate de la Sosta. Si sois amantes de chocolate, haced una paradita aquí y no os arrepentiréis.
Chocolate cake at La Sosta. If you love chocolate, make a little stop here, you won’t regret it.
  • Torralta local cafe and restaurant: typical Portuguese food and tapas in a simple and authentic local place
  • Mar Azul Restaurant: nepalese food. We did not get to try it but if you have a craving for good momos and a good curry, this restaurant has the highest score in all Almograve

Zambujeira do Mar

  • Sacas Restaurant: outside the town of Zambujeira do Mar but with views of the Atlantic and a wild cliff. Its specialty is “filetes de peixe aranha com açorda” (a typical Alentejo garnish based on bread).
  • Sunset café: in the heart of the town of Zambujeira do Mar it stands out for its terrace overlooking the beach of the same name. As its name suggests, it is ideal to enjoy the sunset with an “imperial” (beer) but if you get hungry, the snacks are tastefuyl and not expensive. (Example: bifana, sandes de frango, 2 imperiais and 2 coffees 12€)
  • Mabi pastry shop: delicious croissants and ice creams to kill the craving that comes in after the beach
Queso alentejano...ñam ñam
Alentejo chese… yummy!


  • Azenha do Mar Restaurant: good, nice and cheap. Fresh and abundant seafood at very affordable prices. It is 8 km away from Odeceixe. Always full and with a line of people waiting, you have to arrive and give your name for the waiting list, the ideal is to go as soon as possible (it does not close in the afternoon). Of course, it is in front of the sea and the views make the wait more bearable… We went around 7:00 p.m. and were seated around 8:00 p.m., not too bad (in September!). We enjoyed that hour of waiting drinking some “imperiais” (beers) watching the sunset and the sea (the restaurant has a terrace facing a parking lot and the sea). We paid 50€ for a very big seafood rice, amêijoas à bulhão pato, wine and dessert.
Hola qué tal, soy un arroz de marisco PARA DOS PERSONAS...
Hi, I’m a “arroz de marisco” (seafood rice) for TWO PEOPLE!
  • Chaparro Restaurant, in the heart of Odeceixe. Recommended by our friend Humberto, he loved it and says it is an excellent option if you do not want to leave Odeceixe for going to Azenha do Mar and/or waiting. Typical Alentejo food and has a terrace.
  • Bar Kiosk Agapito: ideal to say goodbye to the sun with a local gin and tonic (Gin Sul, delicious indeed), just in front (and with views) of Odeceixe beach . We also had breakfast there: two coffees, a tosta mista with Alentejo bread, fresh orange juice and apple pie, we paid 14€ (it is a more expensive, base on the prices of the area, but in our opinion it is worth it).
Desayuno con vistas en Kiosk Agapito: tosta mista, zumo y café, un clásico portugués
Breakfast with views at Kiosk Agapito
  • Padaria Malhadais: much more local, authentic and genuine than Agapito. Of course, without the sea views. Here several batches of Alentejo bread are backed everyday, which you can taste still warm, where the delicious portuguese butter melts. It also has a menu of the day and is ideal simply to contemplate the local life of the residents of the town who pass by.
En Alentejo hasta una simple tostada con mantequilla es una delicatessen...
In Alentejo even a simple toast of bread with butter is a delicatessen


  • Pont’a Pé Restaurant: in the heart of Aljezur, in its old town. The best place to eat grilled fish and food from the region. Usually you have to wait, the place is small, apart from famous. The octopus with sweet potato is unforgettable.
  • Restaurant III geração: also one of the most famous in Aljezur since it is always full so we recommend you go early or book. We tried to go without booking 2 times and failed …
  • Italian restaurant Arte Bianca : recommended by our friends Kate and Ricks, they say that the pizzas and pastas are so tasteful you will want to go to the restaurant a second time. When we went it was closed, so it’s in our list for our next visit!
  • Gulli Bistrot (also recommended by our friends): it is located on the road to Arrifana and stands out. It looks very good and these friends say their Italian food has a modern touch and is delicious
  • Primavera Restaurant: we went by chance because we did not find availability in the two that we wanted to go initially and it was a pleasant surprise. Very good food and service, equally good prices. We ate garlic prawns, “bife” (beef tenderloin) to share, half a liter of house wine and dessert for 32€
Las gambas al ajillo del restaurante Primavera
“Camarão ao alhinho” at Primavera restaurant

Hungry and wishing to visit Alentejo and Costa Vicentina soon?

Transport: rent a car in Portugal

We usually rent with Sixt, because they tend to be the ones with the best quality / price ratio (unlimited kilometers, less “traps” around gasoline and so on, etc.). We already know their conditions after having rented so many times with them so we know what we abide by.

They have an office inside Lisbon’s airport, as well as in other points of the city, and it is the company we recommend to rent a car in Portugal.

Some tips for renting a car in Portugal :

  • The fuel is much more expensive than in Spain, keep that in mind when calculating your budget for the trip.
  • For tolls you have two options:
    • Contract the Via Verde device (so that you don’t have to stop on the tools, and the rental company charges the amount later on your card). Sixt offers it although you have to pay by day and can be expensive depending on how many days you are renting.
    • Do not contract the Via Verde device: in that case you will have to go through the manual tolls and pay manually. The problem is that there is a type of toll in Portugal that has no manual payment option (they are arches that have cameras and detectors from Via Verde). If you do not contract the device and you go through one of them, you will have to pay manually later. You can do it in person at the CTT (Mail) offices in Portugal or online
  • Insurance: Sixt base price includes insurance with excess, but you can pay extra to lower or eliminate the excess. Check carefully which option you choose.
  • Driving in Portugal is, in our opinion, more reckless than in Spain, especially on secondary roads (the ones you will use mainly in this area of ​​Portugal). Drive wisely and slowly and if someone is rushing after you, let them pass.
Atardecer en la playa Vale dos Homens desde el coche
Sunset at Praia do Vale dos Homens

Budget to travel around Alentejo and Costa Vicentina

Our budgets are always a guideline, depending on how you travel, how much you want / can spend and what level of comfort you are looking for.

Budget for Alentejo and Costa Vicentina by car and staying at hotels (8 days)

  • Car rental (8 days)*: 180€ (22€ per day)
  • Fuel: 100€ (12€ per day)
  • Lunch / dinner: 400€: 25€ for lunch / dinner for two (50€ per day)
  • Accommodations: 560€ (70€ per night, private room with private bathroom for 2)
  • Tolls / Troia ferry: 50€ (6€ per day)
  • TOTAL: about 1,300€ (160€ per day) for 2 (650€ / person)

* This budget includes renting a car. If you have a car and you are going to travel to Portugal with it, withdraw this amount. If you choose cheaper accommodation in advance, it can also be cheaper, as we say, this budget is an estimate.

If you want to know a cheaper way to travel within this coast, it is with your own van / camper . We did it and we wrote a guide about it (where to rent it, how much it costs and where to stay overnight) in this post (in spanish) .

Nosotrxs, felices, en nuestra zona favorita de Portugal: costa vicentina
Happy in our favorite area of Portugal

Recommendations to enjoy the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejano and Costa Vicentina

  • Protect and respect the fauna and flora of the Natural Park
  • Respect others. Do not play your music loud on the beach (if you want to listen to music, wear headphones), do not leave trash, do not throw cigarettes, etc.
  • Use reef friendly sunscreen, that is, one that does not contain chemicals that damage corals, without oxybenzone, and that has not been tested on animals, like this or this .
  • In some beaches on this coast, bathing is dangerous due to strong currents . Don’t try to be brave.
  • Bring your medicine pack. In ours there is no lack of anti-dizziness drugs (such as biodramin), antibiotics, antidiarrheals (and some probiotics to recover more quickly), antihistamines, analgesics and antipyretics.
  • Always travel with travel insurance: medical expenses, thefts or problems with your plane on a trip can be a lot of money, so ideally you should take out travel insurance. We always use IATI and recommend it. If you contract your insurance through this link you have a 5% discount.

Whatever you do, be responsible to the place where you are and to the people who can also be found there.

El Parque Natural del Sudoeste Alentejano y Costa Vicentina es de los más bellos de Portugal. Cuídalo.

The Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina is one of the most beautiful in Portugal. Take care of it. Thanks Portugal, see you soon!

Até já!

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